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Applies to the following product: USB 2.0 video capture device. Takes pictures and records an image with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels in real time. The speed of work is 12 fps. Footage storage time 8 hours (in .FS and .FHD formats) or up to 100 hours. The camera supports USB 2 P. The package includes a mount for mounting the camera on a tripod or using an adapter to iPhone/iPad.
The camera is easy to use, light weight and high performance. Complete with its purchase, the buyer receives devices that have no analogues in their class. The whole set comes with a DVD that includes:
* software;
* user manual;
The model is a small digital camera, which has a large number of features. With it, you can record HD video, photos and take photos right on the spot. One of the main features of the device is its dual lens technology. Through the use of this mechanism, the camera captures and then records video to two devices at once. Full HD recording in 1080p format is carried out immediately on three devices.
With this camera, you can easily take high-quality pictures in various conditions. It is very important that, if necessary, with its help it is easy to shoot at night.
Using a special function, you can transfer the captured photos using a USB cable directly to a computer. Thus, photos can be viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop. For ease of use, the camera is equipped with a wireless transfer function that allows you to send pictures to a tablet, mobile phone, or email.
Users will love that this camera can easily take pictures with the main lens as well as the fold-out mirror. Thanks to these elements, you can improve the quality of photos and videos.
The starting price is 538,990 rubles.
The option - SessionKit - can be used for two cameras at once in the all-in-one mode. With this feature, you get two devices at once using only one HDMI cable.
The viewing angle of the camera is 113 degrees.
The device is sold with a DVD that contains:
With this device, you can easily and quickly take high-quality pictures. Cameras are not only attached to a laptop, they can be placed on a table, shelf or nightstand. The cameras are also easy to turn on by yourself using the remote control.
This model's touch screen is anti-reflective f02ee7bd2b